disc - wreckless daughter

This new collection of 11 original songs touches universal themes like love, habitat and human conflict. On the tender title track, ‘wreckless daughter’, Christine’s heart breaks a little. When she mends it, uplifting songs like ‘chickadeesong’ dot the CD. Then, with her ethereal quality, Graves takes the listener on a walk by the water in  ‘A Little Known Fact’. On so many tracks, Graves’ remarkable voice catches light. Her musical styles on ‘wreckless daughter’ run the gamut from gypsy fable to swing to the contemporary roots-pop sound uniquely her own. Dealing with her own uprooting twice in the last two years, Graves even touches on recycling and re-using in ‘Some Old Things’, and especially reducing on ‘What if…?’. Listen to her sampling of ‘Santa Maria’ for worldly whimsy and wanderlust. As a whole, ‘wreckless daughter’ delivers a profoundly satisfying listening trip. Interesting turns in lyric and simple production twists in the well considered collection of tunes reveal how Graves’ musical mind is aware. Graves is not trapped in any single songwriting box. Much like many of the greatest artists we love to hear and choose to honour.

The entire CD was recorded live off-the-floor at Little Bullhorn Studio in Ottawa from April to June, 2006. Graves crafts the acoustic guitar rhythms and graceful vocals and is accompanied on acoustic slide & electric guitars by Fred Guignion (Kathleen Edwards), upright bass by John Geggie and electric bass by Pat Giunta (Mighty Popo). Harmony vocals from Stella Hybukai and Neema Mugala (Sifa Choir) as well as Jim Bryson and Dave Draves sweeten the sound. Keyboards & accordion are played by Dave Draves (Kathleen Edwards, Melwood Cutlery, Wooden Stars) who co-produced the CD. Percussion and drums by Rob Graves and Tobias Smith.

Mastered in Toronto by David Travers-Smith, ‘wreckless daughter’ is becoming one of the Canadian indie releases of 2006 to watch. Or rather, to hear. 

Graves wrote many of the songs while living in Prince Edward County in 2004. An Ontario Art’s Council composition grant gave her time for introspection and the beauty of South Bay with views of the water were a tremendous inspiration.

Track listing:
  1. wreckless daughter
  2. this mister time
  3. no fool moon
  4. a little known fact
  5. chickadeesong
  6. some old things
  7. luck
  8. what if..?
  9. anything for love
  10. the next generation
  11. santa maria

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