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February 26, 2008

December 28th, 2008
Well it has been quite a year, opening with the birth of my son and closing with the death of my father. I will be writing this year starting January in Mexico and hope to perform more and more as Félix grows. Join me Sunday Jan 4th 4 pm at the Blacksheep Inn for a Songwriter’s round: Megan Brown and Jerry Leger will join me. for tickets.

October 28, 2008

there is presently no activity at the robertson road site. there is no mining company nor protestors! we are watching for any return. peace out for now, and keep asking politicians for what you want what you really really want.

ok so long since i wrote about the protest in my neck of the woods. went up and many bloggers started up who i felt were more skilled than i so i stopped. for a brief update: there is no longer a physical protest at the frontenac ventures site near robertsville road because charges of contempt of court have effectively gagged the ardoch and shabot protesters. when someone is jailed (see robert lovelace in print media throughout the internet and the facebook group ‘free bob lovelace’) for six months, fined $25,000 plus $2000 per day he will not purge his contempt (ie. say he’ll no longer fight frontenac ventures with illegal protest), the corporation wins that fight. the community still has a large component of folks who will fight this any way we can. please visit the site and inform yourself. the premier of ontario needs to hear from as many folks as possible. this is not a native issue; it involves many peoples’ rights being trampled by a corporation. the fact is it could happen anywhere in ontario and we need to tell the premier that we do not want ontario to be a mined wasteland for our children. protest takes many forms:


It was suggested at the rally in Napanee on Saturday, that there is an action we can do each and every day that will create pressure on the Premier to act.

“Have you revoked Ontario’s Mining Act yet?”
“Have you announced a moratorium on mining uranium in eastern Ontario yet?”
“Have negotiations started yet?”

No? I’ll call back tomorrow to ask you again….”

Phone: 613-736-9573 to reach Premier McGuinty’s voice mail at his Ottawa constituency office.

Phone 416- 325-1941 to reach him at Queen’s Park
or email your questions to:

Comment on October 10th, 2009 by scott.

keep up the positive vibes! I found your CD “stray” at a goodwill a few years ago, and really enjoy the sounds. Very well done and a great slice of canadian folk (the scene which is finally gaining more recognition around the world) I was just cleaning up ready to move to the island (vancouver) and came across Stray, thought i would see if you had a website. Good luck ! Scott

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