uranium exploration protest and hunger strike

December 4, 2007

HEY check out the website and read about donna dillman’s hunger strike at the legislature in toronto ontario. send the premier of ontario a letter, write donna to show support and/or donate and become a member of ccamu to continue this fight against the exploration of 30 000 acres of our beautiful land for the uranium canada ( and the world ) doesn’t need that simply feeds the greed of Frontenac Ventures Corporation.

 hey donna

been following the 56 days with interest and sometimes a quesy feeling in my stomach. i think that’s the point of the hunger strike-striking a chord that may not be pleasing to listen to but gets attention. you are getting that now especially since the move to t.o. so thanks!!

i am glad so many politicians are becoming aware of the north frontenac issue. the media you are attracting will help the cause too and hopefully wake up a few more citizens of the earth with each article. the fight is strong, thanks to so many peoples’s incredible dedication. it’s a bigger community that will benefit in the end as we eventually win this struggle.

i think of you often and pray for your well being. i also pray you are coming home soon.      christine


Comment on April 11th, 2011 by Taron.

ZhzBWf AFAICT you’ve covered all the bases with this answer!

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